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Today was the JWOC Long distance, with Neta and Guy (who was the last starter) running the race, and Eran resting after 4 consecutive days of racing. I took Eran for middle distance training both before and after the race, to make up for the days when he was at EYOC and not here, so it was a very long day for us.
The long distance race at Svinklov was tough – the 1:15,000 scale map had lots of intricate contour details, which made the map-reading very difficult, and much of the terrain was green. Dark green.
Neta had a good race, with a number of small mistakes which could be expected, and her result is certainly good for her ability and was as good as I hoped for. She looked calm and focused going through the spectator controls, and though she isn't as pleased with her result as I am, I think this is where a year of hard work came to fruition. She finished 82nd out of 117 finishers, in 1:30:34 on a 7.3 km course. Her route is here.
Guy had a much longer course, at 11.3 km, and he started well, but a mistake at the second spectator control, and another big mistake on the last loop, cost him dearly and he finished 112nd from 149, in 1:56:26. The split times show that he was 88th at control 24, so we can feel disappointed. And he managed to drive the GPS nuts again, so there's no route to display.

Tomorrow we have a rest day, and after that there's the Middle distance, where Eran comes into play – aiming for a first ever A final.

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  1. Anonymous writes:I think most of us is very proud of there achievements !I wish I had same experience they have.Anat.

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