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I've coached our teams in international championships 7 times (including 5 WOCs), and I've suffered on the finish line innumerable times, when our orienteers come out of the forest later than expected, or at least later than I had hoped. Sometimes I dreamed of the day when I would wait on that finish line, and no-one would disappoint me.
Today was that day (and may there be many more to come!). Neta started first, and after seeing the first results I was hoping for her to arrive at around 30 minutes. So I was very glad to see her blue and white colours appearing deep in the forest before those 30 minutes were gone, and she finished a good race in 30:26 – only 33rd place in her heat, but a great result for her. Her route is here.
Guy started 7 minutes later. I was expecting him in just under 30 minutes as well, so I thought that I had 2-3 minutes to get organised with Neta – but then he was suddenly running into the finish, in a fast time of 27:06. This was only good enough for 37th place in a very competitive men's race, but again is as good as we could expect from him. Well done!
We hoped Eran would be the first Israeli ever in a JWOC Middle distance A final, and by the time he started we knew that a time of around 25 minutes was needed. We weren't disappointed – he appeared at under 24 minutes, and finished in 24:31 and 13th place, easily into the A final. This is probably the best result ever by an Israeli-born runner, and he's not yet 18…
(No GPS route for Eran – he forgot to turn it on)
Tomorrow is the final, and all three of them will be trying their best again, but they've already made all Israeli orienteers proud of them.

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  1. Jan writes:PS! Congratulations with Eran – hope he decides to continue his orienteering career!

  2. Jan writes:I am surprised that the runners were allowed to run with GPS. Did they get a special permit for it? In EYOC runners were not allowed to run with GPS.

  3. Jan – my GPS units have no display, so they are allowed according to IOF rules. This was discussed with the organisers before the first race.

  4. Okansas writes:Nice results. Good luck in the relays!

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