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Our aim for today's finals was 30th place for everyone: Eran in the men's A final, Guy in the B final, and Neta in the women's B final. In my opinion this was within their capabilities – Eran had finished 13th in qualification, so he was ranked 37-39, Guy had been 37th (49-51 in the B final) but could improve, and Neta 33rd (37-39).
Guy was amongst the first starters, and he made a couple of mistakes on the first part of the course, finishing 39th in 32:26 – three minutes off our target, corresponding to those mistakes. And again he messed up the GPS…
Neta came in on time and with only one significant mistake, and finished 18th with 29:40 – a great result for her to sum up a good individual championship. Her route is here.
Then we waited (a long time) for the A final and Eran. Unfortunately, he lost a lot of time at controls 2 and 7, and could manage only 49th place with 32:56. Again, the missing time could have brought him up into the top 30, so our goal was realistic. His route is here.
Altogether it was a slightly disappointing day, but it's a credit to the quality of both men that even with comparatively bad races they got competitive results. Tomorrow they'll be running the relay as a men's team, with Neta on the third and shortest leg, so they still have one more challenge ahead of them.

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