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Yes, that's exactly how I felt on a day which started badly and ended worse.
The JWOC relay had beautiful weather, a beautiful forest, and was a great spectacle. Guy started first for us, and went out in the mass start full of confidence, but as we waited at the spectator control, and waited, and waited, our morale started to go away. At last he appeared, jogging slowly and obviously injured, but insisted on continuing. He had apparently strained his Achilles tendon at the fifth control, stopped for a few minutes to recover, and then went on at a much slower pace.

After Guy finished, Eran went out almost alone into the forest, and ran a good race despite a lack of competition, overtaking 5-6 teams.
Then came Neta's turn. Neta had been feeling ill all morning with a stomach upset, but after Guy's stubbornness she had no thoughts of not starting, and went off into the forest – which by then we knew was very tough physically. At the spectator control she was obviously in pain but had no thought of quitting, and she finished in a slow time, still ahead of a few teams.
And then the Emit download showed a missing punch. Oh, shit.
One of the controls was at a mandatory road crossing, and Neta had just run through without punching, so she was rightly disqualified. But after the pain both Guy and Neta had gone through to get a result in this race, no matter how bad the result, it was a real disappointment.
Luckily all three of them took it in their stride, and didn't get depressed. I was really pissed off at our bad luck, so I took the VIP race map (I had missed the official start waiting for Neta) and attacked the forest at high speed, bent on revenge. After I got back from a good run I was a bit happier, and now everyone is partying at the JWOC banquet.

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