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I can summarise JWOC 2010 with lots of statistics, but I won't – that's for the official report. I prefer to do it this way:

As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, it's difficult to set expectations. We had a strong team, but no experience of JWOC. More than anything, I wanted them to get the most out of themselves, and specifically run good races in at least 50% of their starts. Count the green boxes, and we got that (ignoring injury and sickness), so I'm a satisfied coach.
Eran had a personal goal of reaching the Middle distance A final (I understand that it's written on his bedroom ceiling), so he achieved that. Next time I'm sure he'll do better in the final, and is capable of at least a top 50 finish in the Long and Sprint.
Guy proved that he can orienteer at this level, and now has to work to improve his technical skills and concentration. I hope he'll be representing Israel for years to come, because he's a great athlete (not just physically).
Neta proved that she's an elite orienteer, especially from the mental point of view (see my definition). Now she has to continue the hard work, in order to improve physically.

It was fun coaching them for 10 days, and a great experience for me as well (my first JWOC after 6 WOCs). Let's hope we can get even better results in the future, and that our up and coming young orienteers will be as fun to work with as these three.

Oh, and here's my route from the Team Leaders' race on the relay map (5.3 km, 56:27). It was a variation on one of the womens' courses, on very nice but steep terrain.

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