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I had a lot of interaction with the JWOC organisers, even though I was just coach of a small team, and I want to thank them.
I've been to lots of WOCs, some organised very well and others less, but what was special here was the sincere effort that the organisers put in to make things right, especially if something went wrong. There were some planning mistakes (bus and meal times), some unexpected happenings (a bus in the ditch), and some real mess-ups (delaying the Long start), but that's OK – everyone makes mistakes. But whenever something happened, the organisers took responsibility, made every possible effort to correct the problem, and made sure it wouldn't happen again. This is how things should be done.
A special thanks to Walther Rahbek, the Event Director (read his speech on the JWOC home page), for giving me an example of how to do this type of job. To Bo Andersen, the Event Secretary, for his infinite patience. And to Ronan and Julie Cleary, the IOF Event Advisors, for being so nice. It's been a pleasure, and I hope I meet all of you again somewhere.

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