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Last week was the MTB WOC in Portugal, which we followed closely here in Israel – because we had a team there, and because we organised the previous WOC.
Our team consisted of Gal Cohn (our top rider for the past few years), Eran Lerner, and Zohar Drori. They didn't do very well: First, the sprint race was basically on a foot orienteering map, of which none of them have any experience. The other races were on terrain that looked very similar to some of the areas we have here, but the middle distance wasn't a great success either. Long qualification was better, with Gal making the A final for the first time, but in the final all the team were affected by illness or mechanical issues. The relay was better, with solid results from all three.
I noted three things about this championship, from our point of view:
1. The terrain in Portugal looks similar to ours, but the courses looked better, and some of the route choices were diabolical. There is a good example below – a world-class leg from long qualification (2-3):

2. MTB WOC 2009 in Israel was a major effort, but after that our MTBO scene calmed back down and returned to normal, without leveraging what we had learned from the event. That includes the national team – though I know that they prepared and trained for this championship, I don't think it was on the same level as last year (someone correct me if I'm wrong).
3. Our women's team has disappeared. There are currently no women ranked in D21A MTB-O in Israel, and only one in D21B (that's Roni, my wife, who bikes for fun). It's a pity, because I think that we had some potential there.

There have been some attempts lately to get MTB-O going again, and there seems to be a good event calendar for next season. I hope the results from last week will provoke some serious thinking about the national team, and maybe we'll get some new ideas for improvement.

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  1. Anonymous writes:There will be no change in Israeli MTBO as long as foot-orienteers are the ones who organize and do all the work around MTBO.No bike-orienteer in Israel is doing anything to improve the situation. Setting many competitions is one think – actually organizing them is a different thing (not setting a course – actual ORGENIZING!).There is not a single place in Israel that teach MTBO. Competitors won't come out of the blue (publicity and public relation) – field work must be done. Unfortunately, bike-orienteers in Israel prefer to focus on words instead of focusing on work.The trio that represented us in Portugal was in 25 orienteering events this year – TOGETHER! No wonder none of them can read a map… 😦

  2. Anonymous writes:No wonder the last comment was Anonymous. someone is affried to stand behind his words.I don't understand why should it get to such a level. i.e. last sentencegahl

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