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I was following today's WOC Sprint qualification on the World of O live blog, and of course with the online results (which, as in every major championship, got off to a bad start). I'll write about Pavel Gvozdev's 16th place finish (again…) later on, but I noted an online complaint by Graham Gristwood about an unmarked fence on his route choice, and followed up on it during my lunch break:

Graham tried to go through the gap in the fences, and found it blocked, losing time but still qualifying for the final. The aerial photo (from Google Maps) shows very clearly that the fences connect, meaning that the map is incorrect (note that the shadows are pointing almost north, so there can't be anything hidden there).
Only the men's B heat had a route choice which could have been affected. I wonder if someone who didn't qualify decided to appeal the results, and what would happen then? And how does such an error happen at this level?

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  1. Nic writes:Felix Breitschadel (Austria) was originally disqualified for jumping the fence. He appealed his disqualification and the jury agreed with him, giving him a place in the Final.

  2. Nic writes:* To clarify: he jumped the fence where there should have been the gap.

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