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Unbelievably, Pavel Gvozdev finished 16th in the Sprint qualification heat 3, and this is now the fifth time that he has been just one place outside qualification for the final (and the third time in the Sprint). Is this a world record?
Pavel is our only representative in this WOC. Partly this is because of financial constraints, but also because our next best orienteers were unable to come: Alexey Marchenko for personal reasons, and Eran Segal (not yet 18) because we didn't want to overload him (after EYOC and JWOC).
Pavel hasn't had a good year – he was injured for a while, and had financial problems as well. However, this summer he has started to receive a monthly stipend from the sports authorities here, which will certainly help him during the next season. I also intend to be in much closer contact with him from now on, as is my duty as head coach of the national teams, even though he is still living in Russia and we have communication problems.
Meanwhile, let's hope he has slightly better "luck" in the next two qualification races, and represents Israel again in at least one final.

The picture is copied from the WOC 2010 website

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