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It's been fun following this WOC on the internet, which I've been trying to do while working at the office without losing too much time. Apart from a couple of problems with the online results at the beginning, everything has worked very well – the GPS tracking (I watched only the free stuff), online results, and even Finnish or Swiss TV for the finals. It's definitely a step up from previous WOC's. Even the maps published after (or during) the races are of really high quality, and of course there's the World of O Live Blog to fill in any gaps and add some information from behind the scenes.
I missed half of yesterday's Long Final because we actually had an orienteering event (bad timing…), but I'll try to follow the Middle and Relay in full. The terrain looks very tough and technical, and the route choices on GPS have been fascinating until now, so I might even decide to pay for the additional coverage.
There's no local interest any more, because Pavel Gvozdev failed to qualify for any final. He made two large mistakes in the Middle distance right at the beginning, and finished 31st in his heat, and was 19th in the Long distance despite what looked like a steady run. I think that on present form he is worth 15-20th place in WOC qualification, so getting to a final was an outside chance anyway.
Looking at Pavel's GPS track from Long qualification, he seems to be running fast but not orienteering steadily – his route looks unplanned, with lots of small corrections along the way, and what look like last-moment decisions (see part of the course below). I really wish he was coming back to Israel now so we could talk about this in person.

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  1. Anonymous writes:Go Pavel!

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