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I'm always interested in WOCs, especially as a national team coach, and I've also been to six of them in the past. This one had thrilling online coverage, and lots of interesting stories, but I like to muse about more strategic stuff – and that's before thinking about future WOCs, with new ideas now coming from the IOF.
The relay, long and middle finals in Trondheim were all held on basically the same map, with one assembly area and the same finish. I prepared an overview map from the published maps. It was obviously media-friendly, and the terrain looked challenging, but:
1. I think that a variety of terrains would pose a greater challenge to the orienteers, and thus create a better championship. Even in Scandinavia there are different types of forests, and by just glancing at the samples of training maps I could see that the organisers had more variety available.
2. In my opinion, the qualifying races for both Long and Middle were technically tougher than the finals, and I don't think that should be the case. The WOC finals should be on the toughest orienteering terrain available.
3. There was lots of "dead running" – and that includes anything around the assembly area, especially after the first time through there.
There are always discussions about the way orienteering is progressing (or not), and about the advantages of "classic" orienteering – running and finding controls alone in the woods. I prefer classic orienteering as it is, and I hope the IOF tries to make sure that future world champions are still those orienteers who are the best at it, by the above definition.

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  1. Arve writes:I agree with you. There was at least one competition too much at the venue in GranĂ¥sen. And now with the GPS tracking and TV controls, the arena passage is unnecessary. These passages make up way too much of the courses. Especially the relay courses were suffering from this.

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