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Last weekend we had three short orienteering races here in the north of Israel. Usually we don't orienteer at the height of summer, but luckily this weekend fell just between two really severe heatwaves, and it wasn't too bad.
So on Friday, at Ein Zeitim, I tried out my new headcam in competitive conditions. I've run with it twice before in training, but that was before I managed to find a way to strap it on top of my head, so it was clipped to the side of my sweatband and rotated 90 degrees.
This is also my first attempt at editing a video, or working with YouTube, so I'll probably get better in the future. The clip gives a good impression of the rocky terrain.

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5 responses to “Trying out my new headcam

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  1. Anonymous writes:Very nice!!Maybe next time you can show the map more often while seeing you run from one control to the other. In that way it will be more easy to follow where you are 🙂

  2. Anonymous writes:Guy- impressive! i liked this clip. next time Odem forest 😀

  3. Anonym writes:Cool! What kind of headcam is it? Expensive toy? 🙂

  4. It's a Highpeq Speedcam SC-130 that I bought on a whim at Munich airport. And I promise there will be a promotional video of Odem Forest before the event there.

  5. Anonymous writes:Amazing terrian! with all this yellow, it must be really HOT!Can't wait to see Odem! it must be a "master piece" compare to this =D

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