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Last weekend we had one of our summer races at Akbara, and after it, while discussing my mapping, I noticed that there was a contour line missing on the map! After some investigation, I found out that this contour had been missing on the original printed map as well, when it was first used for the Israeli Championships in February 2009. It was still missing when I made a few small changes for the next national event, in October 2009 – changes which included modifications to the adjacent contours – but I didn't notice it. The local event this summer used the original map – but at least 600 people have used this map since I finished it, and no-one noticed, or brought to my attention, the missing line.
I don't know how it happened, and obviously I'll fix it for the next event. Luckily we're in the digital era, and we don't have printing runs of 3,000 maps like in the past. That would have made me really angry with myself.

The original draft (the missing contour section is in purple):

The map used in February 2009:

The updated map in October 2009 (making the ravine look steeper):

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  1. Actually, I have noticed the missing contour line, and even briefed my club members about it before last year's national event.I was sure either you or Ziv had noticed it before, and corrected it for that event, but you obviously hadn't. After the race I had other things on my mind, and so forgot to tell you.By the way, on the previous year I was surprised by the depth of the ravine while crossing it. The new version is much better in this respect.

  2. Hagai writes:It took me a while- now i got it…

  3. Hagai writes:the updated map shown here(oct 09) is still missing a contour line.strange.

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