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We're back home after the Alpe Adria Cup and another week of vacation in Italy (which was very nice), and trying to settle back into normal life. I have an enormous backlog of orienteering stuff to take care of, so there will be lots to do over the next few weeks.
The races in Italy, high up in the Apennines, were very nice. There was no M40, so I was in M35 and taking it easy (vacation, not competition). We started with a long distance on Saturday, running 9400m and I don't know how much climb, in very steep but open forest. I was surprised by the butterfly in the course, and by the fact that there were no control descriptions on the map, but I had a steady race and finished in 1:44:19. Then I was surprised again by the Italian commentator, who interviewed me in depth and obviously reads my blog. My route is here, and the results are here.
In the evening there was a sprint (jogging, in my case) race in the village of Brallo. On Sunday was the middle distance – 5400m (2 km more than published!) and 290m climb. By now I was tired and going really slowly, so together with one 2-3 minute mistake I finished in 1:00:07 and dropped a bit in the rankings.
In the overall standings, which mean nothing because it wasn't that kind of competition and because most of my competitors didn't run the sprint, I finished third. Roni was first overall in WAK, but second in both the forest races.
Technically I had a good competition, and my main problem was reading the 1:15,000 map in the long distance – the lack of events on that scale in Israel obviously has an effect. The maps were very good, as were the courses, and the atmosphere around the event was very friendly. Arrivederci!

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