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This season we had to reorganise the national teams, because both our senior coaches left us: Daniel Griff was invited back to work in his preferred job of flying jets for Delta Airlines, and Oded Verbin decided not to continue as Junior team coach, for a number of reasons.
We couldn't find anyone else who is both qualified and willing to take the job, so now I am coach of both senior (men and women) and junior teams, in addition to being head coach overall. My assistant will be Pavel Levitsky, who was in the same position for a number of years in the past as well. Together we have over 20 years experience in coaching national teams, and I'm confident that we'll manage to cope with this large group without adversely affecting our families and "real" high-tech jobs.
The MTB-O team are now also under the national team structure, so I'll be assisting them with budgets, planning, training, etc. This year we've started early, and all the pieces are in place well before the first national event which marks the start of the season, so let's hope that all our teams have a productive season leading to successful competitions in the summer of 2011.

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