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Today was the unofficial "Short Distance Championships", held annually by Ramat Hasharon O-club. I don't always go to this event, but this time it was on a renewed map of the sand dunes of Caesarea (thanks to Ehud Dafni for the mapping), and the course setters were the Aloni brothers (Zemer and Dudi), whom I knew can be trusted to make the course interesting.
The format was more like a sprint race, on a 1:6,000 scale map, including a 2,800m qualification and 1,900m final with a chasing start (apparently the first in Israel since 2000). I ran in the 18-40 age category for the challenge.
The qualification was not good – I had problems "getting into" the map, and made mistakes at controls 2,3,6 and 9, so I finished in 13th place with 25:11, 4:51 behind the winner (Zeff – his route will probably appear here soon) and within a block of runners. This made the final interesting, and I ran it with my headcam – I'll post the map and video highlights within a couple of days. My qualification route is below:

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