Short Distance Championships – the Final   1 comment

The final of this race was a chasing start, and I ran the whole race with my headcam. The video shows the start, the interesting part (controls 1-8), and the finish. On the map samples in the video my location is marked with a blue arrow, while my competitors' route (if seen on video) is in red.
Interestingly, I finished only 15th in this race, though improving my overall placing from 13 to 12. This was despite an almost perfect run, in contrast to 2-3 minutes of mistakes in the qualification. I think the reason for the weak placing is that I wasn't really pushed by anyone to run fast, as happens to most people in a chasing start, and I was running (or orienteering) my own race most of the time. Some of the other orienteers (mostly younger and faster than me) were racing each other and therefore gained time, and because the course was a bit easier than the qualification it paid off. I'm not complaining – just analysing the situation: I'm not a fast runner, and I'll always do better in slow and technical terrain, with spaced out start times.

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