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Last weekend's event at Hickory Run in Pennsylvania was a learning experience for me. First, it was fun, despite the almost freezing temperatures. Second, the US Team fundraiser in the afternoon was very nice, and I met lots of interesting people. But I didn't do well, and I know why:
1. My level of fitness is good enough for winning M40 courses here in Israel – 6-7 km of high intensity orienteering on hard, dry ground. It's not good enough for 8.5 km on stones, leaves and branches in the USA. I managed to move quite fast in the middle distance, but I was reduced to a jog for most of the long race.
2. I need to practice my compass work (especially over long distances) in a forest which doesn't allow you to run in a straight line. Our pine forests here are too forgiving, and many of my mistakes occurred because I couldn't keep to a straight line.
I don't think I really want to take care of issue number 1 – the extra effort isn't worth it for a couple of races a year, and I'm focusing now on building long-distance stamina for this year's rogaine. I'll certainly take the second problem into account before I race abroad again.
The results are here.

My GPS decided to go haywire halfway through the first race, and didn't record anything on the second day, so my routes are drawn by hand. I'll go into more detail of my mistakes in my next post.

Middle distance:

Long distance (most of it):

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  1. Orienteer writes:Looks like a hard terrain to navigate on, and much more to run on. I think you did a good job on compass work(in most cases..). Was the dark green passable? Gould Run or Gold run? =D

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