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My three worst orienteering mistakes at Hickory Run were great examples of sloppy orienteering – otherwise called lack of concentration, bad technique, or losing contact with the map. In all cases I could have done better, but I seem to make more mistakes when I'm on vacation. The mistakes highlight an important feature of this terrain and the courses – nearly every control was unforgiving: if you lost concentration (i.e. were sloppy) or made a mistake, you could get lucky, but usually you paid for it. The courses I planned for this Saturday at Odem should be just as tough…

Third place – Middle, control 8. I started well enough, but at the second white patch I abandoned my compass, headed down the slope for a green patch which looked likely to be the control (and wasn't), and lost contact. In the end had to go west until I saw the stream and then back up (my drawn route is probably inaccurate). I lost about 90 seconds here, maybe a bit more.

Second place – Middle, control 10. I knew where I was crossing the path, but then I just headed vaguely north and lost contact, so I had no idea where I was crossing the power line, and veered too far to the east (again – farther than in the drawn route). I should have headed for the power line junction (or at least sighted it) and come from the west. Another 90 seconds lost.

First place – Long, control 5. The route that I drew is again inaccurate – analysing what I saw, I think that I passed the path further north, near the two depressions. I then tried to correct by contouring a bit around the valley and then heading east, but I had already lost contact, managed to miss both the gully halfway to the control and the stream, and at least made the right decision at the end – head north to relocate and then come back. I easily lost 3 minutes here, maybe 4.

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