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I always do well in the relay. The problem is that my team doesn't, and the final result depends on the team. As club chairman, it's my responsibility to plan the teams for the relay, and somehow, however I plan it, I always mess up with my own team and someone has a bad day.
This year the system was changed, which made life interesting. The old system was based on three categories: Long (open to everyone), Medium (M35+, M16-), and Short (M50+, M14-), with all three open to all women. The new one has two categories: Open (to everyone) and Mixed, in which the sum of the "handicap" of all three runners has to be 3.70 or above. The handicap is based more or less on a calculation of running speed by age and gender – males aged 21-31 are 1.00, age 50 (for example) is 1.22, and women start at 1.23.
We decided to put the whole club in the mixed category, aiming for two teams in the top three. Our top team finished second, but the winners seem to be illegal (3.68) so after the appeal we should have a win. This was one way of creating a team: the best two runners in the club, Asaf Avner (M18) and Gil Rinat (M39), together with Vladimir Yoffe (M73), who put in a fantastic run.
Our other strong team was the club management team: Uzi Avner (M51), Ofer Avital (M59), and myself (M42) – a handicap of exactly 3.70. Uzi started well and came in fourth, but Ofer had a catastrophe and arrived in 23rd place, after the winners had already finished the race. All I could do was run fast and minimize the damage, but I had no competition on the course and it didn't really feel like a relay. I finished the 2.9km course in 24:13, and brought us up to 11th place overall (probably 10th soon).
I've never won the relay, in any category, though I've managed second and third, and some of our other teams have won. I'd really like to win it one day.
My route is below:

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