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At last, after the driest month of November I can remember (absolutely zero rainfall), winter has arrived.
Friday's local event at Giv'at Ada was an irregular format – six batches of four controls, which you could visit in any order, on a 1:6,000 map with sprint symbols of mostly forest and bush terrain. The forecast was for rain, and I had brought only my spiked shoes, so I was severely disappointed when it was still dry as I set off – but it soon started (though not very much) and I was glad that I had the shoes on. I think it's the first time I've used them in Israel for nearly a year.
My GPS got confused and zigzagged a lot, so my route on the map is an approximation and the pace should be disregarded.

On Saturday we were supposed to organise an event at Achihud South. The forecast was for a really bad storm (still raging outside as I write), and as club chairman I had to make a decision by Thursday morning, because our control-placing "team", Vladimir Yoffe (age 73), wanted to put out the controls during the day. The forecast said rain from Friday, but the storm was to start on Saturday afternoon, so we discussed it a bit and decided to hold the event as planned.
Saturday morning was cloudy, with a few showers. Then there was a cloudburst for almost an hour at about 10:00, when most of the 70 brave souls who had showed up were in the terrain, and after that more showers. The registration tent almost flew away and had to be tied to a truck, though the start/finish tent (in a sheltered patch of woods) survived. The last orienteer quit 5 minutes before the deadline, just as I was organising the maps for a search party, and we all went home happily without picking up the controls, which are still sitting (or flying) out there waiting for the storm to subside.
Were the conditions too bad for holding an event? No. Were they too bad on the afternoon of the same day (or a day later)? Definitely. It was a near thing, but judging by the reactions of the participants, the loss of income was worth it. We should get used to holding orienteering events in almost any weather.

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