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Yesterday's local event at Kfar HaKhoresh was fun – nice weather, nice soft ground (at last), and an interesting course. And it was the first time for months that I've run on a course where the amount of climb appearing in the control descriptions seems to have been calculated correctly.
Organisers of events here in Israel (not all of them) tend to have an unhealthy disregard for noting the amount of climb on a course. Some just leave it empty, and some put a random number, usually about 3% of the course length. I'm not against having lots of climb – but the participants need to know about it, and the various courses should have proportionate amounts – unlike one national event, in which the Medium+ course had over 4% and the Long course (800m longer) under 3%.
Calculating climb over a course is easy, especially in our terrain, which has very obvious contour shapes. I'd like to see correct numbers at all the events, and especially the important ones.

That having been said, here is my route from yesterday. I had a mostly smooth run, as can be seen from the colours. I lost time at no. 5 (my fault), no. 7 (I think the contours are misleading, which threw me off my bearing, but I'm not sure), and no. 11 (again my fault, for starting to look for it too early). I finished the 5.7km course in 51:26, which is not bad but not good either.
Nest weekend we have the Winter Championships, but I'll be participating only in the second day, because I planned the first one – at Park Eshkol, where I won the race last year. Meanwhile I'm still training for my two main goals this season – the Israeli Championships and the Rogaine.

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