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I'm back from a week of army (reserve) training in the desert. Before that we had the Winter Championships, which started in the desert as well – at Park Eshkol. I didn't run because I had planned the courses, but I took a lot of pictures. I also had my headcam situated next to one of the controls, but it will take a while until I have an edited video.
The second day was at Gimzo – my first run on this map, which is an excellent re-map by Daniel Griff of part of Ben-Shemen forest, probably our most orienteered terrain. My result was nothing to write home about, so the route below belongs to Neta – she ran the 6.4 km course in 58:31, and according to our LapCombat had the least percentage of lost time on the course.

Control 11 was misplaced – apparently someone pulled it up before the event and threw it away. One of the first orienteers found the control lying on the ground and stood it up, but it was in the wrong place. Most of the orienteers found it on the way in, or because there were others already there, but I was unlucky (running early and alone) and lost at least two minutes. Both my GPS track and Neta's show that the control was about 30m south of where it was supposed to be.
Even disregarding this, my 5th place on the day (56:51 to a winning time of 50:07 in H40) was a bit of a wake-up call. I have two months to get ready for the Israeli Championships, and I need more time in the forest and more anaerobic fitness. I'll be out in the terrain as much as possible on weekends until then, and training hard in between.

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