A New Mapping Challenge   2 comments

I've been commissioned to update the map of the Technion, which I made over ten years ago. Basically it's a large university campus, scale 1:4,000, and most of the changes are minor, but I need to update the whole map to the ISSOM standard, so there's a lot of OCAD work involved.
The interesting part is using the new base map. I can't use it under the existing map, because it won't be visible enough (even if I get rid of most of the colours). I want to make the updates on the old map, but still be able to use the base map for new buildings and major changes, and I still haven't thought of a way to combine them. I'm thinking of using them separately, under the same draft, and switching between them for different areas.

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  1. Anonymous writes:You need touse OCAD 10.

  2. Markus writes:I'd rather draw a totally new map than start correcting the old. Been through a similar process and drawing new map proved faster.

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