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1. On the way south on Friday we stopped for some O-training. I was intending to run half a course at Roni's (5 months pregnant) pace, and the rest at full speed, but after about 2km my right shoe disintegrated. This is the second time a VJ Falcon has given up on me, this time in under two years, and I don't use them very much.
Luckily the previous incident was with the other shoe, and I had kept the remaining one, so I now have a pair (in different colours), but I don't think the next pair I buy will be from VJ. And, of course, my training session was cut short.
2. In saturday's national event was I was a disgrace. I ran H35 in order to get more mileage, and physically I felt strong, but my orienteering was terrible and I made a couple of 5+ minute mistakes. I won't go into detail about it, but my route is here. You can contrast it with Zeff's route in H21A – he runs much faster than me, and beat me by 20 minutes.
3. Yesterday I woke up with a sore throat, and had to skip both work and training. I should be OK for training tomorrow.

The Israeli Championship is 51 days away, and I need to be ready – physically and technically. I hope I don't have another string of setbacks like these along the way.

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  1. Navigator writes:Dan, what about the movie from Park Eshcol O-Compitition? Im still anxious to seeing it =D

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