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I won't be competing until the Israeli Championships (exactly a month to go…), because of family commitments, organising an event, a business trip abroad (probably), and so on – but I do have time for training, so I've been running on a few of the maps near home.
We have a number of maps in the lower Galilee area of oak forests (or woods), and on every one of them I have problems with the vegetation. These woods are not dense like our pine forests, and each mapper has had his own ideas about how to map them, so we have different mapping styles for similar areas:

In my opinion, we don't know how to map this type of forest. I'm not saying that the maps aren't good or accurate: It's difficult to read the vegetation, and especially differentiate between clearings (on the map) and gaps in the trees (not on the map) – but when I looked at the terrain from a mapper's point of view I couldn't decide what I would have drawn if I was the mapper. Because we have several areas of this type, and some maps are due for updating soon, I think that the issue warrants a serious discussion – meet up in the terrain (our northern mappers: Uzi Schweizer, Davidi Segal and myself) and decide on a standard for maps of oak forests. It's a challenge: make the map accurate and detailed enough for the best orienteers to be able to read and use the vegetation at speed.
Meanwhile, I'll keep on training on these maps – because they offer fast running, interesting features, and they're near home.

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