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Less than three weeks to go to the Israeli Championships, and I'm putting a lot of effort into training. My last competition was on January 8th, and I won't be at any others before the championship (because of organising a couple and family commitments), so I have to substitute with training – trying to get out into the forest whenever I can, and orienteer as fast as possible.
This made me think about the training situation here in Israel. Throughout the winter, when we have our main competitions, the training possibilities are limited – it's dark by the time you get home from work – so most of the forest time is at local events on weekends. Then in spring and summer, before the major international events, there are no competitions because of the heat, but training in the forest is possible before or after work during the week.
Recently I tried something new: I take my daughter Ayala to school twice a week, so on two occasions I stopped on the way back for orienteering training, and continued through home and a shower to work. Then, instead of running in the streets in the evening, I worked late in order to make up for the missing hours. This was possible just because of the location (the green dots are maps):

I'm also training on weekends, of course, even when I can't get to events. It's a challenge to combine training for the rogaine as well, which is 4 weeks after the championship – my long runs are over 16km, and climbing. Physically, at least, I'll be ready for the races.

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