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…or maybe not.

For many people, sports is about going out and having fun. For some, it's about the thrill of competing. In many ways, I belong to the second group – I've always tried to do my best when competing, at all levels of orienteering, and I think participating in a competition is about trying to get the best result possible, and being passionate about it.
It used to be about getting of the bottom of the result list at WOC, then about winning the Israeli Championships in H35, qualifying for the A final at WMOC, and various other achievements. When I decide that a competition is important to me I take it seriously, because for me that's what being an athlete is about.

Tomorrow is the Israeli Championship – two days of orienteering. I want to win H40, after messing up spectacularly last year, and I've done everything that I could in order to succeed: I Planned, I Prepared, and now I have to Perform. Someone else has already invented these 3 P's (I checked on Google), but I thought them up by myself this week. The Plan was to skip all other competitions and concentrate only on this championship. The Preparations went well – many thanks to Roni for putting up with my training – and I'm in my best shape for a long time. Now I have to Perform: get the best out of myself on the course, technically and physically.

Will I win? Probably…if I perform at or very near 100%. Otherwise it's a lottery, and depends on my competitors. I have the confidence, the experience, and a history of doing well in the "money time". If I lose, I'll probably have only myself to blame, and I won't take it too hard. Whatever happens, it's going to be fun.

Good luck to all the other competitors as well, and especially to Roni, who is "running" D21C with 7 months of overweight and has a chance (in my opinion) of a podium place!

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