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I haven't orienteered at all since the Israeli Championships, but I've been running long distances and preparing for the Rogaine this weekend.
This year much more effort has been put into the marketing and organisation, so there are a record 158 teams registered, including 26 for the 12-hour version, which starts at 01:30 in the morning. Two years ago it was fantastic, and this year it will probably be better – the course setter (Pavel Levitsky) is the same, but the area being used is twice as large, so it will be much harder for us to plan a good course.
I'm "running" the race with Neta, who is not at 100% fitness, but she's much younger than me – so I hope her stamina and my improved fitness (and stronger back) will enable us to stay the course at her slow speed. If we manage 60km it will be nice. I'm also trying to avoid all the mistakes of previous years:

  • Not training properly (I ran a 20km session last week)
  • Starting too fast
  • Equipment falling apart
  • Bad planning
  • Losing time at controls
  • Not enough nutrition

As it's a team sport, we succeed or fail together – I've done my best regarding Neta's training, and I'm trying to keep her on her toes with all the other preparations. She's the reigning Israeli champion, she has a mind like a computer, which can come in very helpful in planning the course and calculating times along the way, and her motivation is not in doubt. We'll do well, and it's going to be fun.

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  1. Anonymous writes:You will do well, just don't kill Neta.

  2. Kundason Chissick writes:Good luck Daddy and Neta Mummy and I will be waiting for you at the finish line, and maybe we'll meet somewhere along the course

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