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No, not our route in the rogaine (though it wasn't bad). The course itself. Pavel managed to spread out 31 controls in such a way, that it was almost impossible to get all of them in 12 hours (and no-one actually succeeded). In addition, the route choices between most pairs of controls were complicated, making the orienteering slower and the planning even more difficult. This is how a rogaine should be planned.
Our route is here.
We did well, but finished only 9th overall and 3rd in the mixed (women included) category. The original plan was 48km (4km/hour) in a straight line calculation between controls, but we actually managed only 37.5km, and 51-52km in the terrain. There were two reasons for this:
1. Pavel's course: the routes between the controls were complicated, slowing down the straight line pace.
2. Neta's walking pace. The running was slow as planned, but it turned out that Neta's speed when walking was much slower than mine, even at the beginning.
We adjusted along the way, and at the end my iliotibial band pains evened out Neta's walking: she could jog more than me and gain some ground, and then I would catch up while walking. We re-calculated our pace all the time, and I think our route was optimal for the distance we could cover – note that the smaller the control number, the higher its value in points. Neta held up very well even when it was very tough, and kept me alert with the orienteering and calculations.
Thanks to my lovely wife, who walked 3 controls for fun (in her 32nd week of pregnancy) and was waiting at the end to help us recover. I hope Roni will be back and fit next year – otherwise Neta is in for some serious walking drills!

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