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Everyone was worried about Roni at today's national event at Massuah: How can a woman in her 39th week of pregnancy go out on the course? What if she falls? What if she goes into labor in the middle of the forest?
So it's ironic that then her husband sprains his ankle (badly) at the far end of the map. And who's the first orienteer with a mobile phone that he encounters on his (very slow) way back? Enough said…
I'm out of action again, just as I got fit enough to finish a competitive course. Judging by the state of my ankle now, before I visit the doctor tomorrow, I won't be running and certainly not orienteering for 2-3 weeks, so I can start planning for next season. Roni, of course, is perfectly OK – but we're hoping the baby delays for a few more days, because I can't drive at the moment. Oh, and today is our first wedding anniversary!
I was running the course with a headcam and GPS, so I'll prepare a clip and analysis during the week – up to control 6.

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  1. Ronen S writes:I was surprised to hear that you were injured at the event. I know the feeling too well. What you need now is to think positive!Everything that happens has a cause.I dunno, but maybe someone wants you to be with your wife and soon to be born – baby, together for few weeks. You will appreciate the opportunity you were given.

  2. Thanks RonenIt's nowhere near as bad as what happened to you – there's no fracture, and I'll be back soon. But you're right that there's an advantage in not running in the evenings, especially now.

  3. Navigator writes:And what about the clip from the winter O Championships? I'm still anxious to seeing it…=D, though seeing an orienteerig injory in it's highlight is much more attracting..!Get well soon!

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