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I was running with both GPS and headcam on Saturday, so I made a short clip that gives a nice impression of the Israeli terrain (and wildlife), showing the approach to each control. I marked the map with a small blue triangle at the place where each section of the video starts. My full course, until the injury, is below:

The first control was a mess – I veered a bit to the left, and lost contact until I relocated on the stone wall south-west of the control. There was no problem at any of the others, and I was moving at a good pace even though my level of fitness is nowhere near competitive, probably because this was the downhill part of the course.
I sprained my ankle on the approach to no. 7, and you can see a few seconds of hopping madly at the end of the video, plus a picture of my ankle on Monday. Luckily the microphone isn't working, so I didn't have to censor my cursing. I'm already walking almost without limitations, though the bruising is even worse than in the picture. I think my aircast and the fact that my ligaments are already overstretched saved me from a fracture or a tear – I sprained this ankle badly back in 1999, and I've never run in terrain without protection since then.

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  1. RonenS writes:I only wish you will recover soon. I know the feeling too badly.

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