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On Friday mummy and daddy took me to my first orienteering event. They think that because I'm only two weeks old I can't understand what they're saying, but as you can see I even managed to sneak up to daddy's laptop and hijack his blog!
It was a small local event at Bar-Ilan University. I'm fit for anything, but daddy is still nursing his sprained ankle and mummy is recovering from my birth, so they took me on the family course. They're so cheap that they only bought one map, and kept arguing who would hold it. For me it was a bit like reverse follow-me memory training without a compass – they think I can't read a map yet, so I could look at the course only when daddy used the map as a sun-shade for me, and of course I was facing backwards. I faked being asleep all the time, so they wouldn't bother me and ask for help when they got lost, but luckily they managed to find the controls without my assistance.
I'm really looking forward to some real forest orienteering. I hope they take me along, and don't just leave me with grandma and go running by themselves. I want to see some nice places, and I hear that there are lots of kids my age at the events. I also hope I can get a cool membership number like my sister Ayala has…

Alon Chissick

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