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I haven't done much over the past month (from the orienteering point of view) – mainly getting used to having a baby at home, and some mapping; so I'll look forward…
I'm training regularly again after my ankle sprain, and building up stamina again from scratch, but I'm still careful with my right foot and I won't do any fast running for a while. Roni is also running regularly, but we can't run together any more :cry:.
My training volume for the past season looks like this:

This is the off-season here (too hot), but there's a short distance "Family league" starting this weekend, on Friday evenings, where the sum of our results will count in each race. We'll practice our split starts in these events (with Alon cheering us on from his camping crib), in preparation for the serious stuff later on.
I lost some weekends when incapacitated, but now I'm back mapping again as often as possible. The map of the Technion is nearly finished – way behind schedule, but it's going to be a great sprint orienteering map. I'll write about it in detail separately. Odem forest is also being enlarged, for a two-day national event in November.
We're moving house at the end of the month – mainly because of the children and Roni's studies, though I'll be further away from work. Our new (large) home will be in Ramat Yishai, which is about 30km south of Carmiel. From the orienteering point of view, we'll be closer to most events, and to more maps. However, finding running routes for training, especially at night, will be much tougher.
Galilee O-Club
I've decided to put an emphasis on my club for the next season – we've been deteriorating gradually, it's my responsibility as chairman, and it's time to give the club a boost by example. I have a plan, and after we move house and settle down I'll start putting it in motion.
Nothing happening, but there are thoughts about opening a coaching course next year, so I'll have to be involved.
2011 will probably be the first year since 1992 in which I didn't orienteer abroad even once. But that was part of the plan, and I hope that next summer we'll be able to travel somewhere as a family.

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