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Most of my running training is done in the evening, after work (I hate running in the mornings). Usually that means running on roads near home, so I have a running map of every place I live in. From that point of view, moving from Carmiel to Ramat Yishai is a serious downgrade:

Apart from what's obvious from the map, there are other issues:
1. Carmiel is in the hills, so the training is tougher and better suited to orienteering. Ramat Yishai is in the plains, though not totally flat as it's built on a small hill.
2. Carmiel is a large town, with wide roads and well-kept pavements. Ramat Yishai is small and stuffy – the streets are narrow, the pavements are in bad shape, and the lighting is terrible.
3. I still work in Carmiel, so I get home half an hour later each day.
4. The temperature is on average about 5° higher (and I'm not taking into account the humidity), which makes a real difference in summer – there's no way you can run here before the sun sets.

Obviously there are solutions – run in Carmiel after work, or run in the fields (on weekends, or if I get home before dark). Meanwhile I'm just running the roads near my new home and trying not to complain. Today I managed to bang my head on a tree while running and came home covered in blood, but I'll be OK. And I'm slowly getting back in shape for competition.

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