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Yesterday's local event at Tel Hadid was nice – low-key organization, mostly comfortable terrain, no pressure to perform, and not too hot. My strategy was to run carefully (my ankle still feels fragile at times), and orienteer correctly, which is easier said than done in our terrain, which sometimes invites you to just rush into an area and hope to hit the control.
Before the race I said that 45 minutes would be a good result in my current form (on a 4.6 km course), and I finished in 44:20. There were lots of complaints about the map, which is quite old, but I found that if you read the map properly (before the terrain) there was no problem finding any of the controls, except for 6 and 7 which were in an under-mapped area and should never have been used. I'll have tougher challenges later on, when I start running faster.
My route is here. It's interesting to compare it to Zeff's route (at the bottom of this post) – obviously he runs much faster than me (just returned from WOC), and he seems to be favoring the straight-line technique. He finished the course in 35:58 – I'm usually much further behind him, and I'm nowhere near competitive fitness yet.

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