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I'm trying out something new, and everyone is invited to participate.

I've created a Video-O puzzle. Below are links to an empty map, with only the start and finish marked, and a video (in two parts) made while running a course on the map with a headcam. Your mission is to mark the whole course correctly on the map, using the video to locate the controls.
Video part 1
Video part 2

1. It's more difficult than I intended, because the headcam is pointed slightly lower than it should be.
2. There are 9 controls, not including the finish. The video is split at control 6 because of the 15 minute limit in YouTube.
3. There's a light blue watermark on the map for copyright reasons.
4. The north lines on the map are 250m apart – it's exported from Ocad at 300 dpi.
5. The length of the course is 1860m.
6. I got lost at control 7.
7. The sun is in the east.
8. The map is not perfect, but there are no significant errors along my route.
9. Thanks to my lovely wife for running after me and collecting the controls.

You can send the solutions to my e-mail (dchissick[at]yahoo[dot]com), in picture format of course. Extra marks for adding control descriptions, and for entries from abroad (all the Israelis have orienteered on this map and have an advantage). Deadline for entries: September 30th – I'm away on vacation until the 25th.

There are no prizes, but of course I'll mention the best (or fastest) solutions.

I don't think anyone has tried anything like this before, and I certainly haven't encountered any examples, but maybe I'm wrong. In any case, this is only a first attempt, and I'm planning to improve in the future…

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  1. Anonym writes:I had this idea too, and as soon as I will get the footage from my last race I will upload it so you can try too

  2. Anonymous writes:Good idea. But I gave up after wacthing the video for 1 minutes as the camera spent too much time on the ground.

  3. I know it's pointing too low, but there are enough views of the terrain to enable you to understand where I'm running. And there are clues on the ground as well… I'm sure someone will send a correct solution.

  4. A B writes: Your admiration to your wife is to jealous her. The drill is very nice, How we suppose to mark the controls after I figure out?

  5. To A B – I suppose you can save the map file and use any drawing software to add controls – or print it, add the controls by hand, and scan it.

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