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Just as the orienteering season around Europe is winding down due to the chill of winter, the temperatures here in Israel have become bearable and our season is beginning in earnest next weekend with the first national event in Ben-Shemen forest. Most of the events until now were park and bike-O, so I haven't competed recently, but my training is going well and I'm fit and ready.
This season, unlike last year, I intend to compete properly and have a go at both the national rankings and the Israeli championship in H40. I'll be at a slight disadvantage because I'm organising two events out of eleven (in Odem forest), but only 6 or 7 count in the end, so this will just add to the challenge.
Roni is back as well – running and biking 5 months after Alon was born, as if nothing had happened over the past year. She'll be running D21A, and I hope she can motivate the other women there to work hard and make the category more competitive.

Note: No-one at all sent a solution to the video-o from my last blog post, so I'll just wait until someone tries to solve it – and when I have time I'll try to prepare a better one.

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