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My training has changed a bit since I moved house to Ramat Yishai – there are less opportunities for road running, but more for running in the fields, and a lot of orienteering maps nearby. The closest map (Alonim) is still a bit too far for getting there on foot – 4.5km.
The best running sessions are on the MTB single-tracks in the area – they are usually hilly and rough, partly simulating running in the terrain, but also measureable so I can track my times. The best one is at Alon HaGalil – 10km with another 10km extension that I haven't tried yet. There's also a 12km course at Shimshit with a 6km next to it, and a new 10km loop around Kiryat Tivon, which is steep but much less technical.
All of these are within 15 minutes drive from home, but now that we've moved back the clock (a month ago) I can't run on them on work days. My goal is to train on a single-track at least once a month in winter, and more in the spring and summer, when I can just stop there on the way back from work.

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