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Yesterday's national event was the first time I had raced (as opposed to running for fun) since February, and it was an opportunity to see how competitive I can be this season. I did quite well, finishing third in H40, 3 minutes behind the winner, but I don't have the split times yet in order to analyse the performance of my competitors, so I'll try to give an honest analysis of my own situation:
1. I'm back at competitive fitness and running uphill very well, but I'm still too slow in general and in order to overcome that I have to work hard on my anaerobic capacity.
2. I need to practice my rough compass work.
3. My orienteering is good, when I make a technically sound plan and execute it, which is most of the time. Once in a while I just throw myself in the direction of the control (lack of concentration?) and waste time unnecessarily. Controls 12 and 19 are good examples of this.
4. I may not win the rankings this year, but whoever does will have to work very hard in order to do so. In my opinion there are 6-7 of us who can win H40 on a given day, and that makes for a tough category.

My route, on a very well planned course, is here. I lost some time due to my own mistakes, but more because control 7 was hidden in a pit (the map shows a rather large cliff) and control 13 was both in the wrong place and in a badly mapped area (3 minutes at least). I don't know how my competitors did at these controls, but Roni was running the same course in D21A and lost time at 7 for exactly the same reason.

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