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On Saturday the whole family went orienteering. It was a local event at Har Shaul, so Roni ran the competitive event (a 2-hour score course), and I used the excuse of not being fully recovered from a knock to my thigh to take the children on the family course.
Ayala (now 8 years old) did most of the orienteering. This is the best way for children to learn, and I think she enjoys both the map-reading, the hiking, and being outside in the woods. However, she's not really an athletic girl, and a bit dreamy, so she probably won't go for competitive orienteering in the future. That's actually not a problem – in 5 years she'll be taking Alon on the family course, so that both Roni and myself can compete (there's some flawed logic here – find it…).
Alon (7.5 months) is a happy, uncomplaining, and alert child, who loves being outside (and pulling hair, as can be seen in the picture). And he has genes from two Israeli champions. He enjoyed the first half of the course (before he fell asleep), leaning out of his carrier, looking around, and banging on my shoulder all the time. Potentially he'll be running H13 by the age of 10, but we'll have to wait and see.

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