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Yesterday there was supposed to be a national event at Srigim, but it was postponed because of the rain. This hasn't happened here for a while, and the issue raised quite a furore in our discussion forum, but I can understand the two main reasons:
1. The safety of the organisers, especially on Friday, when it was pouring all day.
2. Financial reasons: in this weather there would have been 300-350 participants, on the new date in April there will be 500+ (assuming there is no heatwave/rain!).

Our whole weekend was already planned around the orienteering, and just as I was digging in my archive for good training maps in the area, some nutcases from ASA Tel-Aviv club decided to do the same and set up a training event on a map of a score event from 3 years ago. So we went. I was actually surprised that only about 20 people showed up. The terrain was very wet, but perfectly runnable, and most of our run it didn't rain, but it started pouring just as we finished.

I started 4-5 minutes after Roni and caught her at control 20, which is probably why I lost my concentration after that. The course was challenging, and it was fun running in the forest. Thanks to Pavel Levitsky and Alex Lipovich for setting out the controls!

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