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Yesterday there was a national event at Ilaniya, on a beautiful sunny day (it's been raining all January), so we took little Alon with us and split our starts – I ran early, and Roni started after I returned.
I like running in an (almost) empty forest, but obviously finding controls can be easier when there are more orienteers around. My course is here – I finished 6.8 km in 65:16 (3rd place in H40). I had a few small misses, and one larger one at control 6.

When I reached the area of control 6, and knowing that I was very close, I found a control with a different number. Because I know the rules, and our planners usually abide by them, I started thinking that this was probably my control, and the number was wrong. However, I wasn't sure (some of the surroundings didn't fit), so I tried to attack again, got to the same spot, but went deeper into the forest and then found my control, losing 3 minutes in the process.
1. My control description was "between a cliff and a rock". When I found it I just saw it sitting under a cliff.
2. The other control description was "cliff foot".
3. On the map, there are 35 metres between them.
4. The standard IOF rules say: "Controls on different courses placed too close to one another can mislead runners who have navigated correctly to the control site… controls shall not be sited within 30 metres of each other … Only when the control features are distinctly different in the terrain as well as on the map, should controls be placed closer than 60 metres…"

These were two similar controls, both on the map and in the terrain. They were definitely too close. I can't say for sure that I would have lost less time if the second control wasn't there, and I'm not complaining about my result, but rules are there for a reason.

As far as I know, there were a number of disqualifications for mispunching in this race, not necessarily at this control. I know where some of the other close control pairs were, and they were perfectly legal. But if someone was DISQ'd at one of these controls, his result should stand.

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  1. That's what I call "Deja vous" the same title.(By the way, both of these occasions happened in the Medium+ course, and I participated in both)

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