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The Israeli Championships is upon us, again, so the next two days will be fun.

The first day is on a new map of Neve Shalom, a well-known area where we haven't orienteered for years. We're taking the little ninja (now 9 months old) with us, so we have split starts and I'm starting quite late.
The second day is at Massuah, where I sprained my ankle last season, and also made a video. Most of the race will probably be in a part of the map not used back then, so it will be interesting. Alon will stay with his grandparents, so both Roni and I will start late (I don't know why – I asked for something in the middle).
Roni is the favourite to win D21A, but she doesn't care – she's running for fun, and if she wins I'll probably be happier than her. I want to win H40, but a repeat of last year's catastrophe and comeback won't work again. What I need to do this time is get a good result on both days of the championship, which is something I haven't done since 2006. There won't be any excuses – both maps are by the excellent Petr Matula, and the course planners are amongst the best in the country.

Good luck to everyone!

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