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The first day of the Israeli Championship was at Neve Shalom – 100% forest, much of it quite steep, with runnability varying from moderate to slow, but with lots of paths. The course was a slog – tough, technical, lots of controls, and in the end very slow. This is my route – 6970m, 270m climb, in 1:12:28.
I had a few minor hesitations and misses (at 12 and 25 I was lucky to see other orienteers), but the largest mistake was at 18, just after going through the spectator control, where I got pissed off that there was no water in the cups and continued without drinking. I managed to veer off course and miss the control, and returned only after seeing the next stone wall. I lost at least a minute and a half.
I was running this race against the clock – I started late, because Roni was running first and I was in charge of Alon, so when I started I knew my competitor Ofer Granet had finished in around 1:12 and Roni in 1:24 (she's usually 10-15% slower than me), and I was aiming for his result. In the end he won the day, and I was just 11 seconds behind him.

The second day was at Massuah – mostly semi-open, with lots of stone walls, caves, and cactus bushes. It was obviously going to be faster, but more technical, and I opted for a policy of never losing contact, even at the expense of stopping when necessary. This is my route – 6510m, 205m climb, in 1:00:52.
This time we had no baby with us, so there was less waiting around, but I knew that Ofer had finished in 1:15 (too slow). The first part of the course, until the long leg, was mostly in the forest and not too difficult, and I had no problems at all. My execution on the first part of the long leg (7-8) was lacking, and I strayed too far left, and after that came the really difficult part. I slowed down, made sure I stayed in touch, and got through with no real mistakes – just a small detour at 14 when I thought I was further to the west.
As I came in to the finish I was announced as losing, but my Emit card said otherwise and I won the championship by 2 seconds. I finished 3rd on the day, 14 seconds behind the winner.
Both maps were fantastic, and so were the courses – though very different in style. Thanks to Petr for the mapping, and to all the organisers.
I'm really happy with my performance, especially on day two, but also with my consistency – I'm getting a good result in every national event, even if I don't win, always within 2-3 minutes of the winner. Hopefully this will enable me to finish first in the rankings as well, and complete the "double".

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  1. Anonymous writes:Well done!Just one petty comment/question: What were you thinking with your route choice to control 19 on the first day? You singled out control 18 which was just poor execution (known trap after spectator controls), but the route choice to 19 is way below your standards.

  2. That was typical bad execution after getting pissed off at myself at 18. I went too far to the left, and then saw that the forest was very runnable so I contoured to the control instead of climbing with the path.

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