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On Friday we held a local event on the map of Tal-El, which I made back in 2003-4. I had actually started mapping in this area back in 1992, when the whole area was covered with mature pine forest, but they had just started cutting large parts of it down (because of disease) so I had to stop. When I mapped the area nearly everything had been replanted and was in various stages of growth, ranging from small saplings (semi-open) to more mature trees (a special symbol –light green with yellow dots) and almost fully grown (light green).
8 years later, the map (after a partial update of fences) is still relevant, but the vegetation is totally different. The forest boundaries still exist, but the semi-open is now thick green, the more mature areas are light green, and the original light green has turned to white. This made for interesting orienteering, because you had to guess some of the runnability in advance, though the navigation was not a problem.
I actually enjoyed the race much more than I had expected, because the terrain is now more fun. A re-map will be needed in a few years, and then the map will be much more interesting.
The course was a batch-O course – you can take the controls in each batch in any order. My route was 5,860m, and I finished in 56:13. You can guess at the vegetation changes from my speed in the QuickRoute track.

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