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Saturday's national event at Srigim, postponed from January due to terrible weather, was my last competitive race of the season. The terrain, tough in any conditions, was even slower due to the tall seasonal undergrowth, which made the course a bit of a slog, but it was still technically demanding and fun. My route is here.
I won in 67:13 over 6,290m, and unless there are some very strange results in the last national event next month, which I'll miss due to a business trip, I'll also be ranked first in H40 this season. This says more about my competitors inconsistency than about my ability – I trained less than I would have liked to this year, and I can feel that I'm not as fit as I wanted to be, but I managed to stabilise my orienteering so that I got good results in all the events. The ranking is based on 7 best results (in points) out of 10, and I'll win after actually participating in only 7 races (organised two, plus the last one).
Back to this race – it wasn't perfect, but I made only one significant mistake, at control 2, and managed to correct that quickly after hitting the small path, though I still lost over 3 minutes. Apart from that there were a few small misses, a bad route choice to 9 (I didn't see the path route to the west), and some intuition/contour/luck-O to 11 and 16.
What's next? I'm going to let my legs get some rest, though there are still local events, team training, and so on. And I'm preparing a new strategy for the next season.

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