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While everyone is busy following or participating in various championships this year (EOC, EYOC, JWOC, WOC, etc.), I'm going to enjoy the summer at home (no money or time for travelling) and start preparing for EYOC 2013, which will take place in Israel 17 months from now.
I will be the Technical Director of the event, which means that I'm in charge (voluntarily) of mapping, course planning and setting, training, and some other stuff. At the moment we're working on Bulletin 1, which has to be published before EYOC 2012 so it can be handed out to the teams there, and about to start with the mapping. I'll be making the relay map – more about that in my next post.
All the competition areas are within 15 minutes of my home, which is nice. I don't intend to plan any of the courses, but naturally I'll be involved at all stages and I'll probably visit all the controls before the event.
We've organised major international events in Israel before: ISF (school) championships in 2000, and MTB-WOC in 2009. This is the next step, and it's going to be an interesting challenge.

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  1. Anonymous writes:Lycka till,glöm inte att deltagarna får uppleva lite historiska och turistiska platser.Gösta B.

  2. A finn writes:There might be even more partisipants 2013 than earlier. At least Finland and (propably?) other Nordic countries are adding W/D16 to their national teams!Maps are quite interesting. Hope that model event maps are also same quality as competition maps to help young orienteers to get some info about a little different terrain style than they normally use.

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