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I think I just set a 20-year record – 7 weeks without running in the forest. It's been a very hot summer, with no overseas trips and very few opportunities for orienteering, so apart from some mapping I haven't seen any forest since the Night Rogaine (see my previous post).
I started the 2012-3 season on Friday afternoon at a local event in Kadima Forest. This is a new map made with LIDAR data, at 1:4,000 scale and 1m contours, of a sand dune area covered in pine forest.

I finished the 5.1km course in 41:08 – I felt slow, but that's understandable as I haven't done any fast training for months. I didn't like the contours: they're probably as accurate as can be, but with the 1m height interval you can't anticipate the terrain properly – some contour shapes simply can't be seen on the ground. I'm also a bit rusty, but the course was easy enough and I avoided making significant mistakes.

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