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On Saturday we had an open National Team training session. Basically I planned the exercises, the team set out the controls, and other orienteers could come and have a go. We were disappointed with the number of participants, around 30, but it was good training anyway.
I had a unique opportunity to train on one of my own exercises, and discovered how tough it can be, especially when you're out of practice. This was what I call a "line-dot" course – similar to a control-picking exercise, but with flags at only some of the controls, and you don't know which ones! The aim is to return and say where the flags were, without missing any.

The point is that you don't know in advance if there's a flag at the control, so you have to make sure at every one that you're exactly in the right place. That forces you to orienteer properly and accurately, waste time checking yourself, or hope you were correct and take a chance. I got 6 controls out of 8, and it was a great learning experience. The map was tricky as well, but my misses were my fault.

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